Let’s Roll Out the Dough!

It’s that time of year, again!

Middle January is when your past home party customers, hostesses and prospects start seriously thinking about getting together with their friends. They are both back in a socializing AND buying mood.

Dough Making Tips:

1. Draw up a prospect list. Your prospect/and people you have met over the past few months has increased. Now is a good time!
2. Now, work that prospect list every day! Focus on a few at a time to reconnect via email, Facebook, by phone or mail. The idea is to engage them! Get them excited about a new product, a new feature, an experience, on fun!

3. Talk about ‘penciling in this or that date’ with those who have expressed interest but can seem to nail down a date.

4. Set your own party date to kick off the season. Do it sooner than later. Give it a fun theme. People like a reason to celebrate, not just a call for a evening of looking and buying.

5. Read every bit of help material from your company and/or watch/listen to all training videos and calls. You paid for the cheat sheets, the answers, the proven methods, why struggle or waste time when it’s there for the taking? Besides…it’s incredibly self motivating!

Bottom line? Roll out the dough! Let’s make the donuts!

Rina Valan