Let Your Body Talk For You

Your physical expressions are tools (literally) that can make you instantly connect with your guests at  home sales parties, and make them come back for more. Here are 3 key selling techniques using your body:

Eye Contact:
When addressing your guests at a party, make sure you look at them! When someones has a comment, a question, or says something funny, acknowledge them by looking them in the eye. If there’s a lot in attendance, make sure you ‘look’ at and address every one at least once!

Interactive parties make the most memorable experiences and you will get more bookings. Get touch in there somehow and as often as possible without being offensive or invading people’s spaces. Touch should be subtle: you can get it in just by handing someone a catalog, passing them  a product, handing them a napkin, giving back change, anything! Touch connects people and makes you memorable.

Body Language:
Use gestures, facial expressions, and hands to make and sometimes exaggerate a point. Never sit down during your presentation unless you need to demonstrate your product that way. Never roll your eyes. Spread your arms apart often with palms outstretched. Walk into your crowd. Smile, and smile a lot! If you’re excited about something, show it! Remember, enthusiasm is contagious and it draws others to you.