Last One In Gets It!

A few years ago, a local carpet cleaning salesman knocked on our door. And then he called me once a few months later and I told him the same thing: “No, I’m not interested in getting our carpets clean! They’re practically brand new!”

Then one day, a new employee tried to open a bottle of toner for our copier, only to have it fly all over the carpet. If you know anything about copier toner, you know this is not a good thing.

As luck would have it, another carpet cleaning salesman happened to make a “cold call” later that day, and of course, he got the job.

It’s all about timing, and persistence. A knock on the door and one phone call is a start, but it’s only enough if the timing is right.

So, how many of your sales leads and or potential home party customers have you given up on, just because they didn’t call you back after a couple phone calls or emails?
You know, that would be a shame, as you educated and exposed them to your product/service, but “the last one in gets the sale!”

Don’t give up on follow up.
Focus on building a relationship, and then I assure you, you won’t have to worry about being the last one in.