Ladies: Is the Moon Out Tonight?

I get it all the time from the women at out sex toy parties…lack of desire, lack of excitement. And for years, I have been trying like heck to help them out with topical lotions, sex toys, erotic tips, pampering spa items, all things to help them get that spark back into their minds and body.

And now guess what? It’s been happening to me.

I just haven’t been “in the mood”, you know, THAT mood. Like the millions of modern women in American today, we get caught up in our careers, taking care of others, ‘stuff’, yada yada, and you know what usually suffers? Our sensuality and sexuality. Oh, it’s not fair, it’s just not right! I feel so much better when I feel sexual. And why is it this doesn’t seem to happen to men? They always seem to be in the mood, and yes, I know this sounds sexist, but I have yet to hear from their lips “Oh, sorry honey, I have a headache”.

The truth of the matter is, that I am really upset at myself for allowing this to happen to me. A few years back, in John Gray’s “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, I read something about women’s cycles, and when her moon is full, boy oh boy, is it full! She glows, she vibrates, she primps, she glosses, teases, titillates, masturbates! And when the moon takes a hiatus, well, everything is just a chore, bore, and maybe it’s just time to buy another pair of shoes.

Sigh.So, how does one tell a lover that the moon is MIA without hurting their feelings and try to take care of their needs? I really hate doing anything half heartedly. Help! I think I need a clitoris transplant! What would you do???

Ok…it might be time for the big guns. Tonight, I’m going home and taking a looooong soak with my favorite Velvet Remedy and eat the rest of my Godiva truffles left over from Valentines Day. Then, I pulling out the Anne Rice porn classic out of my nightstand, and get reacquainted with clitoris. I vow to be a sex goddess again by dawn.

Madame X

Want to look at and find a lot of goodies to help get your moon out? Think about hosting a sex toy party,

Rina Valan, Basic Author