Know What Your Super Power Is?

Know what your super power is?

The power of acknowledgment.

Acknowledgment for anything is the simple mirroring back of what they told you, best said in different words from theirs.

A prospective hostess complains of having no time and not sure of her ability to book. Your acknowledgment : “Oh Mary, I understand what you are saying. I can only imagine how difficult it is to raise children, and work full time.”
Then address her objection/concerns with a solution/response that:
-shows you listened
-there are many like her
-and your experience will help guide her and it will be successful.

Acknowledgment tells them you are listening.
Acknowledgment is important for all human beings, it helps validate what we say and it validates us.

When you acknowledge someone effectively, you are in essence showing your compassion!

P.S. Acknowledgment is the greatest power a parent, a child, a teacher, a friend, ANY one can have.
P.S.S. Replace the word “but” with “I’ll try” or just say “and.”