Is Your Tank Full or Is Your Tank on Empty?

Have you ever known anyone who buys a car, and then never puts gas in it? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

Yet, I’ve seen so many people invest in a party plan or online business and then never “put gas” in. They invest their hard earned money in start up kits or products, learn the technical mechanics, get business cards, set up a website site, learn how to process orders and then….crickets.

Starting a party plan business is just like buying a car: once you invest in it, you got to put gas in it to get it started. So what is the “gas” in our party plan business? Simple: future bookings.
There is no getting around it, no use postponing the inevitable or concentrating on anything else. When you don’t have 5, 6 or 7 parties booked, your other actions are futile.

Is your tank is on empty? Then concentrate on what you REALLY need to do! 

   1. Assemble your prospect list. What’s a prospect list? That’s everyone you know: family, friends, people you work or used to work with, neighbors, customers, former customers, etc.
   2. Then get on the horn and be excited about your business, about your products, about what you do. Offer a carrot (an extra hook or special promotion or gift or incentive) and then ask. Some will say yes, get the date right then and there and in your calendar. Some will say no—ask for a referral…people naturally want to help others, and giving a referral helps relieve them from the guilt of saying “no.”
   3. Book your own party, and especially invite those that said no to a booking. Your intent is not so much to sell, but to expose yourself and business and get a couple of future bookings.
   4. Repeat all of the above. Add to your prospect list on a regular basis (you are always meeting new people!) and keep working the list.

Us humans are amazing creatures. What we concentrate on is what becomes a reality to us.
It is absolutely critical that you concentrate on getting at least seven future bookings in your start up period!

Remember, if you are well booked into the immediate future, you will never have to worry about an empty gas tank again! So, go, and fill ‘er up!!!