Is There a Ring of Debris Around Uranus?

Got your attention?
Now make sure your customers do!
Here’s the cardinal rule of getting people to pay attention in our attention-deficit culture:

Get their attention within 
the first 7 seconds 
or the first 2 sentences!

*The First 7 Seconds
Especially critical for phone contact, leaving a voice mail, a visual presentation or video: Get their attention in the first 7 seconds, or they tune out for the rest, and will either hang up, find a reason to hangup, or erase your message, or click to the next best thing.
The worst phone opening? “Hi, how are you doing?”
*The First 2 Sentences
Especially critical for emails, follow up emails or noes, subject lines, updates/comments on Facebook and other social media. If it’s is weak, boring, or too long, it’s nearly impossible to get them back. 
What works?  Humor, or something that is revelent to them, or something that eases a “pain,” or something that makes them want to read or hear more.
Tip: if you want your customers and or home party hostess or prospects to write or call you back, get their attention at the start, and then end with what you would like them to do: “Say YES NOW to either Sept 25 or 30th–call me and let me know so I can pencil you in!”

Rina Valan