Is Someone is Peeing on Your Hydrant?

Ever have someone excited about booking a party with you, and then all of a sudden they weren’t?

Or, how about that new prospect, all ready and raring to go, and then poof?

Most home party consultants make the assumption that they are just not interested anymore. Perhaps.
More likely?
They got a dog peeing on their hydrant!

Yes, those peeing dogs are the critics, cynics, non-supportive family members, friends, dream-stealers and general nay sayers, and yes, you even have them in YOUR life.

As a sales person you should learn that peeing dogs may also sound like a sales ‘objection.’
An typical objection starts with “Yes, but…”

Problem: most people will not verbalize the dog-peeing-type of an objection to you. 
Why: because when someone pees on their hydrant, it causes them to second guess themselves, and hey! Maybe their family and friends are right!
Solution? Gently ask open ended questions to see if there is anything or situation that may be interfering  with their choice/decision. Sometimes it just saying something like: “Tell me about what’s happening when you tell your friends…”
Handling objections is easy if you:
1, Acknowledge it. (Yes, I hear you)
2. Identify with it (Yes, that’s happened to me and/or others, it’s normal)
3. Give solution (This is what I do, or others have done)

Don’t let the dogs chase them or YOU away!

Rina Valan

P.S. Objections and peeing dogs in our home party business are pretty standard. The trick is to pick up the unspoken cue, and gently probe, whether voice or email, so you are able to help them through it. They are a natural part of our business life—keep communicating, reassuring, answering and addressing their concerns and you will get and keep more sales, more bookings, more new recruits.