Is Bigger Really Better???

What is the fascination with size anyhow???
Super size butts, bigger boobs, big penises, bigger lips, man trucks and Hummers, super size fries, 50 gazillion inch plasma TV??? Just when is bigger TOO damn big?

If you’re wondering what has started me on this rant, well, I just saw a video from Fox News about a 28 year old wife and mother from Texas, Sheyla Hershey. She now is in Brazil’s Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest breast implants, and her 34FFF aren’t enough for her. Yea, you heard that. She’s going to Brazil to do the duty, as there’s a 1000 cc injection max allowed by law in Texas. By the way, that is the equivilent of 2 quarts of silicone injected into each boob. And oh, she is doing this, so she can ‘feel’ good about herself.
Where is Dr Phil when you need him???

Personally, I think she needs a brain implant, and I think her surgeon should donate his.
And yea, since I’m a girl, I think size is very much overrated when it comes to the all wonderful penis. I remember a rather short lived little love affair, when Mr Huge would lay on his back and think that was enough. Err…no. I don’t care what size the dang thing unless you know how to lick my brain ; )

OK, so If you don’t believe me, you can watch Ms Hersey in the video yourself.
Here’s the link, Fox Video, but make sure you come back here and give me your opinion:
Is bigger, really better???

Miss Sensuale’

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  1. If your not happy in with yourself in your skin it doesn’t really matter what you do to that skin your still not going to be happy with yourself.

  2. I agree it’s too bad more people don’t opt for the brain transplant versus the augmentation. I am not opposed to breast augmentation, but to the extremism of it or anything that is taken to the extreme for that matter. Low self-esteem is a sad state for women to be in, and unfortunately commercialism, media, and the general acceptance of the “sex” symbol has contributed to this…it’s time to show young women that they are beautiful from the inside out…

  3. Not to much of a boob person myself. Its whats inside. If you cant be happy with yourself. Anything you change on the body will not get you happy. For women that have natural, rumor has it that they go to get them smaller.

  4. Yikes- I’m sensing some BIG self esteem issues. But look at how quick we are to judge this woman, would we all be throwing her under the bus if she were a man that just spent $100,000 on a new sports car? Bad self image presents itself in many ways- be sure you notice the ones that aren’t such a ‘loud’ cry for help.