Information Diarrhea

Psst. Let me ask you one little question.

When you call or email someone about your business, do you give them so much information at one time that, uh…feels like an attack of diarrhea?

OK, so you want a nicer name?
Info-dumping is one of the fastest ways to completely overwhelm someone to the point of turning them away from you. And sometimes, it can be forever.
Info dumping can be very costly whether you’re booking a home party, hostess coaching, responding to someone who’s interested in being a sales rep, responding to a question or inquiry. 

And this is also true when it comes to those hostess packs for your home parties. Pack them with so much paper, forms, stickers, and it will be thrown into the pile of stuff that never gets looked at again.

And Info-dumping is the surest way to have a down-line NOT call you back! This especially includes training, and coaching your new Reps. You think because you give them all the information at once, they ‘get’ it.

Emails? People just stop reading the first few lines, especially if you got lots of attachments and paragraphs. Keep them brief, you can always send more emails! And besides, if gives you another reason to write, to connect. Give them everything up front-and then you have nothing to pique their interest in a follow up!
Yes, I’m really talking to you.
Teeny bits of information. Frequently. 

Get it?
Got it?
Good ; )
Rina Valan