I’m Going Nuckin Futs

Someone asked me yesterday if I was going crazy.
Maybe they noticed the juggling of typical end of year tasks a home party business goes through while being in the middle of busy season. 
Or maybe it was the little white jacket with the very long ties that gave it away!
I bet you’re going through the same thing too. It’s challenging enough to keep your business tended to and growing while working a day job, taking care of family, kids, holiday shopping…you might have one or all of these on your plate!
But, there is one very simple key to keep your sanity plus keep your business afloat. It doesn’t cost a dime.   
It is simply your “To-Do-List”
It’s saves my day, every day, the most effective way to prioritize. More importantly, you can actually get everything you need and want done!
The way I like to do it?
Every night, before I leave my office, I list any action I need to take the next day.
And every morning, before I dive into the business day, I take a look at that action list.
Important: make sure what you write is an action, not a goal.
For instance, my list last night list included:
*Decide theme for new package deals
*Write catalog copy for new toys
*Finalize January customer and hostess incentives
Notice they were not goals like
hire new recruits, get more business, book more home parties, increase sales, etc.
Try it.
Put 2 or 3 very focused actions on the list, i.e., call a prospective hostess, write a thank you note, mail a catalog, set the date for your holiday open house…
Make your list part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth!
Do it! It works!
Rina Valan