How To Make The Top News on Facebook

You post.
You think everyone received the content you send out, right?
Well, not exactly.
One of the main reasons you use Facebook for your business is to generate awareness, and the top way to do this is to win the News Feed (thought it was automatic, right?)

Our News Feed is divided into two sections, “Top News” and “Most Recent News. ”

When people log in they are automatically directed to their “Top News” feed.  And most people only read the “Top News” version of their feed.
So–to stay on your customers and friends radar, your content must fall into the “Top News” category.

So, what should you do to appear in the “Top News” section of the News Feed?
  • Post content frequently. This increases your chances via the timing angle.
  • Consider your post timing. The time you post is important. Only 35% of Facebook users log in during the workday, That means “off hours” might work best for posting your content.
  • Use calls to action in your posts. Encourage people to like, comment, or share your content to increase the weight. The more people comment, like or share what you post, the more points it scores to bump it to the Top News Feed.

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Rina Valan