How to Buy a Winning Lottery Ticket for $1

The Scene: a restaurant, a bar, on the line at a grocery store, at the office, or a family gathering.
And someone asks you:

“I have a winning lottery ticket here, it’s only $1. Do you want to buy it?”

Of course you would!
Well, guess what? 
You can always get a winning lottery ticket for a dollar. How? Your catalog, on hand,  is your dollar!
So, the real question becomes: are you always prepared to buy your winning lottery tickets? At any given moment, place or time?  Opportunities to pick up a new party lead or customer happen every day. The universe does not schedule them when you’re good and ready!  They are all around you and if you want to win, you have to be ready with your $1 in your hand!
A catalog, sampler, and your business card in an envelope is your $1 for a winning lottery ticket. Keep plenty of those $1 in your purse, in your car, your gym bag-you get it!
Take 10 minutes right now and assemble all the things you need to buy your winning tickets. Put them in your car, your purse, your $1 is on you and you’re ready!
Rina Valan