How Not To Kill Your Hostess

I overheard one of our Sales Reps at a meeting recently complaining about one of her hostesses.

As she was setting up her kit and samples for her Home Party, the hostess came and out and said to her guests “Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy anything.”

Of course, that really upset her.
She got mad and it was hard to hide that negativity towards her hostess and guests.

What could she have done?
Immediately follow that comment with:  “Yes, she’s right, but you’re gonna WANT to! Oh my God, wait til you see some of the goodies I brought here for you tonight. We’re talking FUN here!”
And then I would have moved right into the presentation as normal.

The simple art of deflection and redirection is part of the business process.

Your hostess is being polite to her guests. She got people to attend. That’s her job.

Your job is to get them to buy.

It’s easy to confuse her politeness/social grace with thinking that she actually meant it. Or that no one was interested in your products. It’s just polite

And furthermore, don’t over-complicate things or validate what she said by prejudging the class of women, economic status, neighborhoods, previous experiences, economy, prices, your bad luck, bad business, the moon over the mountain, whatever. Hit the ignore button. Move on.

“OK Ladies…did I say you are going to have so much FUN? Let’s get started!”

Don’t get derailed. Learn to deflect..
And remember you are awesome!

Rina Valan