How 99 cents Can Ruin Your Life

A number of years back, when I met my Mother-in-Law for the first time on her farm in Missouri, I wanted to fit in and help with dinner one night. My husband had raved about my Italian cooking and famous spaghetti sauce (we call it ‘gravy’.) I ran out to the grocery store and bought the best meats, fresh tomatoes and basil, freshly grated parmesean cheese, and even gourmet pasta. I drove back to the farm, pulled out a huge pot and started to cook.

After some fancy sauteing, I rummaged the refrigerator for some fresh garlic. Hmm, not a clove in sight. “That’s strange,” I said to myself.  I always have fresh garlic at home, so instead, I checked her spice rack. “There’s gotta be at least some garlic powder in there!”
Gosh, maybe vampires live here.

Anyhow, it was too late and too far to go out for the garlic, so I continued to cook and tried to make up for with some other spices. Guess what? It came out horrible! And what really made me angry was that I had spent so much money and time and effort into making it, and then one-lousy-cheap-99 cent-key-missing- ingredient ruined it all!

Most of us work really hard at our business, and invest time and money in calling, prospecting, emailing, marketing, selling, kit samples, gifts, prizes, etc. I wonder if there is a key 99 cent action that could be possibly nullifying it all. Bad email etiquette, ineffective voice mail messages…you know, little 99 cent stuff.

Check your spice rack today.


  1. Thats funny my family calls it gravy too… overall point taken. It really makes you think about that 1 simple thing you could be missing.

  2. Hey Sally,

    As a fellow “gravy-ite” you know you wouldn’t dare eat pasta without grated parmesaen on top!