Holy How Time Flies Batman!

It’s April 1st already! The last time I looked up it, I was writing about New Years’ resolutions. And holy cow, it’s almost Easter!

Time to refocus. How many home parties do you have booked this month? If your April is looking sparse. then best you invest a little time now and keep your business on track.

“But no one is going to want to book now so close to a holiday” and “Everyone is busy with family stuff..”
But, but, BUT! It’s amazing how we all can validate the reasons for our non-action!

Important: the last thing you want is a very long break from holding parties. It’s demoralizing. Know what’s worse? Getting your business RESTARTED. Yes, getting restarted is harder than “waiting” through a dry spell until things are “perfect.”

You don’t need a lot, 2 or 3 prospects that say “yes” to having a party, that’s it. That can save you a huge headache in about a month.

Change your focus, think fun, offering your customers fun. Here are some party ideas:
*Make it a theme party: “Spring Fever”
 *Make it a “Heavy game night & prize” party
*Offer a “double hostess credit” party.
*Make it a “Spring Cleaning” party (auction or raffle off discontinued samples,etc)
*Make it a “Spring Big Bingo” party. (bring your bingo game and give lots of little prizes)
*Make it what ever your creative brain can dream of to get the immediate interest and make it impossible for them to say “no!”  
You know you can do it!

So, make it a mission to book those 2 parties by end of this week. At worst, you’ll wind up with bookings for sometime in the next 2 months.  Make this the priority item on your list today and every day until you are booked solid for April.  Do this now, and you will save yourself from the pain of starting up that cold, cold  motor again in May!