Holy How Time Flies Batman!

Just where did this year go anyhow? Only 2 or 3 more good home party weeks before the holidays are here!

Do you have any home parties booked the next 2 weekends? If you don’t, all is not lost.

“But no one is going to want to book now so close to the holidays”, and “I have all this shopping to do..”
But, but, but, but, but! I can hear your brain all the way on the other side of this screen. It’s amazing how we all can validate the reasons for non action!

The last you want is a very long break from holding parties. It’s demoralizing and what’s even harder than booking and holding a couple parties now before the holiday break is getting your business RESTARTED. Yes, getting RESTARTED is harder than booking 2 more parties for the next couple of weekends.

All you need is 2 or 3 prospects that say “yes” to having a party, that’s it.
Make it fun. Make it a holiday party. Make it “heavy game night” party. Make it a “double hostess credit” party. Make it a “holiday auction” party. Make it a “Holiday Big Bingo” party. Make it a “Greatest New Year’s Eve at home” party. Make it what ever your creative brain can dream of to get the immediate interest and make them hold…you know you can do it!

So, make it a mission to book those 2 parties by end of this day. At worst, you’ll wind up with bookings for sometime in the next 2 months.Start the process over again tomorrow until your mission is accomplished, stay on the mission! Make this the priority item on your list today and you will save yourself from the pain of starting up that cold cold  motor in January!