Holiday Travel Tips With Your Sex Toys

Are you traveling for the holiday? Are your sex toys traveling with you? Looking for a safe male supplement that will work effectively for men of any body type and age and the supplement will revitalize your whole body, then read this red boost reviews here for more info! However, here are also some tried and true advice whether you’re packing for the security check at the airport or bunking in the spare room at your in-law’s house.

Tips for  Airport and Flying:

1. Take the batteries out of your sex toys, including the ones in your checked bags. The last thing you want is for your toy to starting vibrating, especially in the security screening line. This just takes a moment before you pack them, do it!
2. Your favorite personal lubricant is probably in a 4 oz bottle/tube. Carry-on liquids be in a container 3 oz or less. Pillow packs or small samplers are best if you have them. Here’s an idea: squeeze some out into a clean, empty travel size bottle that can be purchased at the drug or dollar store. These are the same containers sold for filling and traveling with your favorite shampoo, hair conditioner, etc.
3. Avoid stainless steel or metal toys, especially with carry on. Some toys are just not worth flying with.
4. Sex toys are illegal in many Muslim and Arabic countries, even just to have in your possession. Leave them home,
5. If your bag is searched in security and they ask what it is, don’t hedge, just tell them it is a sex toy.
Visiting the  In-Laws and Overnight Stays
1. Pack and keep your toys, lubricants and other goodies in a box/bag with a lock on it.
2. Take the batteries out—-trust me! You do not want anything to vibrate unexpectedly.
3. Take noise factor into consideration: is your toy a little too loud?  You would be surprised how far sound travels in the quiet of a not-your-own-home. Consider toting along more your non-battery operated accessories.
4. Pack some toy cleaner, wipes and or paper towels. The bathroom may be down the hall ; )
Happy Loving Holiday!!!