Help! My Brain is Cluttered and I Can’t Get Up

I started the past weekend with about a million things on mind, mostly work related. There were so many things on my mental list of things to do that I couldn’t focus on any one thing.

What could make it worse? I hadn’t called my mother in days. Nothing like adding a healthy dose of guilt to my mental madness!

I needed to do something physical to stop me from imploding, so I cleaned and cleared all the clutter about me. Got rid of all the dishes in the sink, cleared the counters completely, swept, mopped, threw out masses of junk mail, sorted bills, notes, and even ran the vacuum. Guess what? An hour later, I felt so much better! I looked around me and saw clean, clear areas, and nothing that screamed ‘You have to do me, now!’

Amazing! My mind de-cluttered as there was more clear space around me. All that laid heavy earlier got into priority order. And not only had I sorted out what to do and when to do it, I now had renewed energy. I dove right in!

Need a little motivation for your business?
You know you got a lot to do and don’t know where to start?
Get your body in motion! De-clutter the space, any space about you right now. It’s an immediate victory!

Clear the noise. Get motivated. Take an action step! Go for it!

Rina Valan