Help! I’m Down and I Can’t Get Up!

A strange tropical disease hit me 30 years back: The iGottaWanna.
Before that, I drifted from one job to another, until I realized that I hated what I was doing. Once the iGottaWanna hit me over the head, I never heeded what the so-called normal business world dictated, and now I work because I really love what I do!

But…there are moments.
Cancellations. Perspirations. Palpitations. Frustrations!
Believe me, I indulge in a little escapism fantasy now and then, my favorite being “I should have just bought a cart and sold dirty-water dogs instead!”

But you see, the iGottaWanna is what really drives you all your life, and if you are struggling at whatever it is you do, then it’s time to be honest with yourself. It ain’t “them.”

The only real way to motivate yourself is to do what you really love to do—maybe it’s helping people get fun in their lives, maybe it’s having fun being with people, maybe right now it’s paying off all those credit cards. Basically iGottaWanna is your CORE DESIRE, and without it, you may be jumping from one excuse to another…and perhaps from pasture to pasture. Is the grass really greener anywhere else?

Slumps and burnout happens to the best of us. Some experience it only after a few weeks, some after a few decades. It does not mean your business or business model is not working any more, and it isn’t just the economy.

Think about the first few days to when you started, and remember the excitement and reasons “why.” Take the time to recall all the “firsts” and let those feelings rekindle the sparks that may have been dampened by the stress and disappoints of your day. It isn’t any different today—all the other noise in your life is drowning out that precious core desire.  When you are feeling like this, you just need your battery replaced, not the whole car!

So, drum roll please….
Those who do succeed, have a high level iGottaWanna, and continually stoke it.
Those who do not have a high level of iGottaWanna, will not.

The only time anything ever gets done in your life, is when your iGottaWanna kicks in and makes you initiate an action and follow it through completion, and with a sense of urgency! If there’s no high level iGottaWanna, every excuse, every delay, every thing gets in the way!
That’s it.
That’s the secret.

So, don’t get frustrated. Take a baby step, any small action. That in of itself is motivating.
—What can you do today, and every day to build your business?
—How much review have you done with the manuals and how-to support materials?
—Have you been on any conference calls, taken webinars, read instruction manuals?
—How many people do you talk to about your business/product each day?

And then…what would you be willing to give and sacrifice to succeed? I hope the answer to that question and those above is “whatever it takes.” With that answer,  then there is no way you cannot succeed!

Take responsibility for your personal success right now, and squash those excuses that drag you down.
Rekindle the iGottaWanna in you!