Hello Winner, Goodbye Hunter

A funny thing happened on the way back from a slot machine recently. It was the usual disappointing experience you put coins in, pull the handle and hope you get a hit. It is well know fact that most of the time you do not get a hit, and the coins you put in there will never been seen again. You either win or lose, and most of the time, you lose.

But what if you had a slot machine where you put coins in, and keep pulling the handle until you do get a hit and you always win? Wouldn’t that be just marvelous?

Well, guess what? You have that slot machine!

That slot machine is the power of connection.
 Your coins? The investments in time you take to grow the connections you make through your parties, demos, Facebook, fan page, referrals, family and friends. You put your coins in (time) and you keep pulling the handle (consistent engagement) and it always pays off!

Years ago in our party plan and direct selling world, we did not have the amazing tools at our fingertips that we do now. To establish good personal connections and relationships we either had to do it in person, on the telephone, or write letters. If you did not ‘hit’ right away, your chances of that prospect growing into anything was very slim. More often then not, it would feel like a chase, and that was a feeling that no one liked!

Today? Every person you meet at a party, through online comments and conversations with social media, through family, friends, expos, walking and talking, ANYWHERE can be the seed for a whole new circle of prospects. The beauty of this availability of social tools for us is that we can focus and pay attention to their immediate conversation, thoughts, feelings, and needs. And when the focus come off the immediate ‘win it or lose it’ …everybody wins.

The challenge? 
Changing your mindset from win or lose and making connection efforts a common everyday practice! That means fully understanding that each person you meet is essentially a seed, and with the proper care and feeding can sprout into a direct customer, hostess, recruit or be the tether to another prospective seed that can turn into a direct customer, hostess or recruit.

You always win. Pull the handle, don’t stop.

–Rina Valan