Hello Me, Be My Valentine?

Around Valentines Day I wonder about the millions of single people this holiday so obviously ignores, and how it may do the very opposite of what it was meant to be.

It’s very easy for me to relate. Just a couple years ago,  I was walking through a greeting card store and a slight wave of envy hit me as I watched women picking out cards in the “Romantic for Him” aisle. The year was slim pickins for me in the romance department. Valentines’ Day just made it feel worse. Any of you experiencing the joys and never-ending wonders of the online dating merry-go-round can certainly relate.

That’s when my little imaginary parent version of myself came out and sat on my right shoulder, put their little imaginary arm around me and said: “Be my Valentine?”
Ok. so I might have inhaled a little while I was in college, and I once read a book on human psychology. I can’t explain it, but I realized that the feeling of love and being “in love” really starts and come with and from yourself. You actually create it when you feel it towards someone else, and yes! Even with yourself!
I tested my new theory immediately..flirted and smiled unabashedly with my favorite elder grocery packer, and I got the most heart warming smile and pink glow back.I picked up a cup of coffee from the QuikMart and smiled broadly at a handsome beefcake, and the gift was returned.When I got home, I wrote an email to a friend and told them how much I appreciated them in my life.

Yes, I was on to something that I probably already knew, but consciously giving love means you get love back. And if it isn’t necessarily love from another—it is from yourself!

So, heck! Why not pull out the stops this Valentines Day and show your love by allowing yourself a little extra gift of luxury or expression? Give love to you to the most worthy person in your life…you! That perfect Red rose, is for you.
Savor a truffle, for you.
Order a Chocolate Martini.
Buy Red Lipstick.
Get a pedicure and paint your toes Red.Or buy a new pink sex toy. My new favorite?  “The Butterfly Thruster”

Smile shamelessly!
Happy Valentines Day to all us Me’s!
Miss Sensuale