Getting and Keeping Customers

How do you get new customers or keep new customers after you’ve done a party?

Gone are the days of where you just send a quick email to a hostess after a party, or maybe a customer or two that basically said “It was nice to meet you, just want to remind you of blank promotion.”
Even more difficult is when you write back a few months later when you have hardly any parties booked…it reeks of desperation and reads hard core sales call. And hard core sales calls and emails don’t really work anymore.

Now you have an incredible new tool at your disposal: social media marketing. Most commonly it’s  Facebook, groups on Linkedin, mommy groups, etc)  It is fantastic for creating, building and maintaining customers through relationships. And the party plan business is all about creating, building and maintaining relationships!

Because you can continue your conversations in a friendly unobtrusive way. 
 Because this way, YOU have an opportunity to appear on their desktop every single day.
Because this gives you the opportunity to communicate offers, announcements, and specials to them and their circles of friends. 
-Because it can drive traffic back to your website or Fan page, ultimately increasing bookings and sales. 

It’s not just what you’re doing at the’s what you are doing with the moment.

Rina Valan

P.S. If you are building a team, crew or down line, social media marketing in absolutely VITAL in getting and keeping their attention!