Games for Your Home Parties

Games and warm-ups for your home parties are really important. They serve as ice breakers, connect you and the others together, and your guests have fun!

Here are some key points to make sure they work for you:

1. Length: don’t drag on forever. Keep the game moving.

2. Type: quiz games are good when while you’re waiting for the party stragglers. Action/movement games don’t work too well in very tight quarters.

3. Act like a game show host: tell everyone what the game is, how it’s played, how to win, and what they will win. Direct people to teams/sides/places if necessary. Be light but confident—that’s important. People feel silly at first, but a confident “C’mon, you’ll love it!” and they will follow.

4. Don’t play too many games, One or two is usually enough.

5. Timing: one game in the beginning is great as an ice-breaker. Perhaps another after a refreshment or bathroom break, excellent for helping to get them back into the group. Remember: once you have their attention, immediately move forward in your presentation.

6. More little prizes are better than just one big prize. I ran out of goodies one day, so I bought candy bars on the way to my presentation. People just love ‘to win’, so a token is all you need.

Tired of playing the same ones? Here are some great links to find a new game or two for your next demo.

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Have fun!

Rina Valan