Fuggetabout Goals

“Don’t set goals, set intentions.
Whatever you intend to do will happen.
Without intention, goals go unachieved.”
Jeffrey Gitomer

1.    an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.
2.    the end or object intended; purpose.

Did you notice the words that really stand out in the definition of intention? Action, Result, End.

Do you look at intention that way?

Most look as setting an intention as as a starting point, not the end.
But really, intention is about what you WANT in the end..the purpose…the result!  

Intend what you want.

Some intentions that could help you in your business:

—“I intend to keep at this until I am booked every single weekend, two months in advance”

—“I intend to to have a great party tonight, no matter how many show up, no matter how many buy. And I intend to book at least one other future show!”

A mental change from setting specific goals to identifying intention could lead you to be twice as likely to succeed. This is huge.

Isn’t it time to really think about what your intentions about your business truly are?