Freedom of Sensuality: A Reason to Celebrate

Happy Birthday, America, and especially to us Women lucky enough to be in America!

The 4th of July usually means celebration of our democracy, independence and freedom all revolving about the pursuit of happiness.
We can choose our religion (or even choose no religion) choose leaders, our laws, where we wish to live, how we want to live…we have so many choices, all coming somehow together into an organized chaos that we call our home land.

I’m taking just a little time the next few days to be thankful for living on this side of the world. Think of the millions of women, just a few thousand miles away, that are physically punished just for wearing nail polish or lipstick in public, or for that matter, showing any visible sign of femininity or sensuality. Wait—some are punished or even killed just for showing ANY part of their body besides their eyes. Some say it is done in name of religion. Others proclaim that it is a way of controlling the uncontrollable urges a man would have if women were not controlled…even more proclaim it controls obscenity. They are true obscenity!

Think of the freedom we have here to choose what is in our bedrooms, including personal pleasure enhancements, the sex of our partner, or just plain have a sex partner and not being married. Many of you know that my passion for the past 25 years has been to help women feel more comfortable in making it ‘ok’ to be sexually fulfilled. Could you imagine what would happen if these women had or went to one of our sex toy parties there? Oh wait! Most of those countries do NOT allow ANY sex toys into their country to begin with! Oh, silly me. They would have beheaded me years ago…and you know, that would have been hard to live with ; )

So, in honor, tonight I getting dressed to the nines—killer black spike heels, my favorite hot little black dress that just frames my healthy cleavage ever so nicely. Maybe I’ll polish my nails red, put on red lipstick, and sway ever so sensually at the Borgata as I sit in public at a blackjack table, with my own money that I earned doing what I want to do for a living.
But—before I do that, let me go now and pull out my American Flag from the closet and proudly display it on MY flag pole at my OWN home.

I love you, America. I love our people, our diversity, and may the respect and love I have for all of you be felt today, and every day. America, thank you for being my home.


Rina Valan, Expert Author

Rina Valan, Basic Author