Forget the Habit, Make it a Routine

About a year ago, I could chest press with 35lb barbells in each hand, and do countless sets of crunches. Like clock work, at 6AM in the morning, I would jump out and bed and head down to the gym, work out intensively for about an hour, and then go to my office at Fantasia Home Parties.

Today I can’t even do one set of anything!

When I blew out a couple discs in April, the pain was so excruciating, I could not walk, never mind go to the gym. Now that I’m better, I still haven’t gone to the gym and I’ve been struggling with trying to get back into the habit. It just isn’t happening!

Because I broke my daily routine.

My ‘habit’ of exercising became easy and perpetuated because I built it into my daily ‘routine’.

I didn’t have to ‘decide’ any more to go to the gym—I had already done that by setting the scheduled time and then just acting on it.

Once you decide ‘when’, and you make the ‘when’ a consistent part of the day, it becomes a snap. You don’t struggle with inertia anymore, allowing any and all excuses and distractions to derail you.

This applies to your business and work too.
Maybe you’re doing something right, but it is only when ‘you think of it’ or, ‘when I get the time.’
Yep, I bet you put a lot of energy into thinking about it, and then get sidetracked.
Or just like me and the current gym situation, you can never ‘find the time in the day.’

If you don’t put the time aside to market, follow up, prospect, make calls, etc as part of your daily routine, you will feel like you’re always struggling to get business.  The whole idea is to get to a point where you are struggling to keep UP with business!

OK, I’m on my way out the door, gym bag in hand…Advil, anyone?

Rina Valan