Foot Fetish

Dear Dr. Melanie,
My good friend’s boyfriend has a foot fetish. She is a bit freaked out by it but loves him anyway. She’s curious, though, if there’s anything she can do to gear him toward stopping his fetish?

Dear Friend,
A fetish is an object that has extremely strong sexual connotations for someone. While one person might think a woman with sexy feet is hot, a fetishist might virtually ignore the woman in order to get off on her feet. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having a fetish, but it can interfere with relationships if the other person feels ignored. Since your friend loves her boyfriend, it’s worth her while to try to negotiate. She might be willing to let him fondle, wash, sniff, lick or suck her feet if he pays equal attention to the rest of her body. Or maybe she’d enjoy masturbating while he gets off on her feet. If the couple cannot negotiate behavior that works for both of them, they should visit a sex therapist for counseling.