Flirting on the Internet, Does it Count???

Such a sticky subject when it comes to matters of the heart in love…does flirting on the internet from your ‘other’ mean they are not interested in you any longer, just ‘keeping’ you around while something else better comes along, maybe bored, or is it just really harmless fun? I have heard from many friends and customers alike who are apparently doing this via discussion boards, personals, match sites, sex sites, etc, even though they are either married or ‘attached’. I have certainly had my share of those very same guys posing as ‘singles’ on the match sites where my profile has been up…geez, life isn’t complicated enough to have a relationship with a single person, never mind a triangle or for some, a polygon???

Now, look…my spirit animal is an otter, and I love to play and to tease and can understand the temptation to do so. It’s one of the reasons why I spend so much time on my hair everyday! I can truly buy the harmless fun thing. But the bleeding heart of me wonders how their ‘other’ would react if they came across some of the remnants of their perceived harmless play. I honestly don’t think I could be ‘big’ enough not to let it bother me, and would really struggle without coming off as the jealous bitch. Maybe it’s a woman thing, as the first thing we wonder is “What’s wrong with me?”, or “Am I not enough?” I wonder if men would feel the same way?

So, let me ask you—is it any different to flirt with someone across a bar than behind the screen of a computer?
Is revealing one’s personal desires, fantasies, even personal body parts not really revealing if it isn’t done in person?
Does it matter only if you are married, or have assured someone you are true?
What if you aren’t, but dating regularly/sharing intimacy?

Sound like I am confused? Yea…bring me back to pre-computer days where these things seemed to be more black and white and where things were not ‘greener on the other side of the click.’


One Comment

  1. Cheating is about intent- lifting or looking mans you aren’t getting what you need from your partner. Making that “ok” is really saying it’s fine to be in a sucky relationship and totally avoid the subject completely. If that is the case why bother with the relationship at all?

    If it would hurt your feelings to have it done to you- then you should think twice about doing it to someone else. For some reason people think technology voids the golden rule.