Flirting Goes High Tech: Touch Screen Bar Tops

Imagine sitting in an upscale bar/lounge with your buds…
You see an attractive person on the other side, but if you are like me, you could never muster up the nerve to stride over and say hello. Besides, the hordes are already closing in.

But now, thanks to the wizards over at Microsoft, they launched a new product/technology called “Surface”. It’s built right into a glass table—just touch and zoom in (There are cameras strategically placed throughout the bar. Ladies, make sure you brush out the back of your hair, and men, you cannot scratch your nose anymore). After watching a bit, you can then push around some cheeky little pick up lines and send them over. Hmm. That’s still pretty bold for me, but wait! I could always play innocent and say my friend did it without me knowing it! Guys, you could do the same in case she sends back “Yea, right, in your freakin wildest dreams, bud! Yes! How ingenious!

Besides flirting, you can order drinks, even specify your own or list of ingredients, play games, and I’m sure a host of other cool applications.

The first test site has been launched at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, specifically at the I-Bar in the lobby. Here’s a link to a short video clip, worth a couple minutes of your time:

By the way, I’m back at the Rio for a sex toy trade show on Sept 15th for my company,
I like Chocolate Martinis…meet me at the I-Bar ; )


Rina Valan, Expert Author

Rina Valan, Basic Author


  1. Years ago, there was a Japanese company that came up with a watch that you could program to seek out compatible signals. Let’s say you are walking down the street and you have your watch set to seek out hairy chested males who weigh 220 or more, are 6’7” or taller, are single and wear a size 12 F shoe. It would signal their presence when they are in your vicinity. You would also signal their watch with a match. You know… when they are looking for a hottie who is savvy about sex and only thinks about it every other thought?

    Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep!!!!! Yea baby!!!!

    Pretty neat, huh?.
    NOOO!!! you goof. Not getting ridden by a guy like that…I meant the watch!

    Besides, that’s not just a man, that’s an amusement park! And he’s an E-Ticket ride!
    Golly, Misssensuale. That could make a girl walk funny. But I’m sure it’s worth it.

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