First Impressions and You The Billboard

First impressions count, and I bet you’ve heard that a million times.

That first impression you make when you walk in the door for a party can make or break the sales, and especially for future bookings.  Walk in groomed, dressed appropriately, never using four letter words, give good eye contact, speak respectfully, and the people there will say to themselves: ‘She’s a professional!’
This is the first impression we all want, definitely the one you want to stick.

And as in meeting people for the first time, your impression ONLINE can make or break a potential connection, future customer, hostess or recruit. That impression includes your photo, words chosen in your bio, your posts, your words, and your tone. Just because you cannot ‘see’ people on line doesn’t mean they cannot see you. Your impression ON LINE is like a giant billboard that thousands-if not millions-daily view, review, like to click on, or rush to click away.

Opting not to be online, or half be on line, isn’t an option anymore. People don’t trust you if your online presence is not forthcoming. This can give the message like you’re hiding something, timid, fearful, or you just simply don’t care. A non message, is a message.

We’re all in this together, and no one thing is right or wrong. But one thing is for sure: people jump to conclusions, and if you’re in business, you want that to be a GREAT conclusion! It’s important to understand that everything you do online says something about you publicly. This is everything from comments on forums YouTube, to Twitter,  to Facebook, and more. Make sure it’s what you want to say!

Rina Valan

P.S.  I found a blog while looking for a photo that has some more content on first impressions by Steven Mehta, check it out.


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