Finding Money in your House

In YOUR Holiday Open House, that is!
Because people are in a buying mood.
And because it’s a guarantee to make sure your home party business in the new year doesn’t start in February!

Basically, when you do an open house, you would do your home party as normal, but you are both the demonstrator and hostess.
This is so easy to do:
1. Pick the date right now. And don’t forget the week in between the holidays–great way to socialize.
2. Create/send an evite invitation, plus create a Facebook event. In addition, give each person a call and invite them personally. Invite everyone you know over 18.

3. Do gentle call and email reminders, and reconfirm the night before (the same as you would coach your hostesses to do.)
The Party Prep:

1. Ask a good friend or family member to help act as the hostess during your party so you can focus on your presentation and guests. (i.e. greet, help with refreshments/drinks, food prep, etc)

2. Make goody bags that contain a catalog, samplers/little giveaways and a coupon you designed for a free gift if they book a party and it holds. If their party cancels you are out nothing but a slip of paper. 
3. Get a wall calender and X off the dates you cannot do a party. During your presentation, pass or point to the calendar when talking about the coupon in their goody bag, and ask them to just write in their names on the date they would like. 
4. Have your kit/samples out and ready. 

5. Have a raffle! Everyone gets a ticket. Let them know they get an extra ticket when they place an order. And they can get an extra ticket if they put their name on the calendar to book a party. When the last order is taken,  pull a raffle ticket and give them a prize. The idea is to get them to order and of course book parties!
TIP: you can have an open house this Friday, next week, in between the holidays, right after the New Year, several times a year—and yes, the sooner the better! 

Rina Valan

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