Feminism Comes of Age

25 Year Anniversary of Fantasia Home Parties Blazing the Path for Women’s Sexual Well-Being

In 1984, a first class stamp was 20 cents, a movie ticket was $2.50 and the average woman was considered ‘frigid.’ Women had little validation when it came to matters of personal fulfillment with their sexual self and relationships. The ability to learn about and then shop for sexual enhancements products was limited to the male dominated world of adult bookstores. This lack of options motivated business owner Rina Valan to start Fantasia Home Parties, a home party service showcasing personal items for women. Fantasia Home Parties is not only the longest and first of its kind in continual operation, but it is one of the first founded by a woman. “The need for available information and healthy choices was overwhelming, and I wanted to provide a classy and sensible solution for women even though the concept was taboo,” Valan said. Sex Toy Parties were labeled ‘lingerie parties’ back in 1984, and the majority of the subject matter was lacey nighties and teddies. According to Valan, the availability of products was highly limited since there was no real demand in the market. “Women weren’t the main purchasers of sex toys at the time, we were a completely untapped customer base.” Fantasia Home Parties started making waves in the sex toy industry and reasonable selections of products were finally starting to come around. “I had to beg manufacturers to make plus-size lingerie, never mind get a vibrator with some appeal.” The main event of the time was the dawn of a new product, ‘Man With Bear’ vibrating toy. Although itís no longer in production, Samantha from HBO’s hit “Sex in the City” would have never experienced the Jack Rabbit without this trail-blazer. The first of its kind, ‘Man With Bear’ was a product designed for a women to use sexually. In today’s market this basic design is still quite prevalent among best-selling sex toys. Twenty five years later, Valans office is a sea of toys for everything imaginable and even some things you wouldn’t imagine. “There are so many choices now it can be overwhelming, but it makes me really glad to see just how far we’ve come in making our sexual health a priority.” In todays marketplace, sex toys come in a variety of shapes an sizes. Glass, stainless steel and silicone have made debuts within the past 10 years.Women have taken control of their lives and aren’t intimidated by their sexual well-being needs anymore, alan said. It’s the most significant change she has seen in her 25 years of business. “We now openly embrace our sensual selves while still maintaining our privacy and self respect.” As the Fantasia Home Parties motto states: ‘Our business is your pleasure!’ In honor of their 25th year, Fantasia Home Parties is holding a year long birthday celebration for women across the United States. Find out more on Fantasia Home Parties by visiting their website: www.FantasiaHomeParties.com.