Feature Friday: There No Place Like Barbara

I met Barbara Arhakos of Kendall Park, NJ in 1984 when she came in person to sign up as a Fantasia Sales Rep.  
We were 3 month young at the time and eager for new recruits, so we just handed her a kit. She then went over to the copier, slapped her drivers license on it and said: “You know, you really need to protect yourself.” 
25 years later she still looks out for others before herself…just ask anyone in her huge crew, generations of customers and our corporate staffers alike. I actually think Barbara invented caring.
When people ask you “what do you do?” how do you describe your business?
Usually tell them I have the least boring job in the world, and wait until they ask “Well, what do you do?”  That’s when I say I sell romance with a side order of SEX. That’s usually gets their attention and that’s when I offer them a little brown ‘goody bag.’ They NEVER throw away my business card!
What is the funniest story or situation you can think of involving your business/what you sell?
I was doing a party for one of my regular customers’ daughter, and we were discussing how long I had been doing romance parties for their whole family. We had finally had it figured out that I had done her sister’s first party fifteen years earlier, and then the other sister said her’s was held even before that. But then a voice bellowed out from the back and said “I’ve got you all beat!”  It was the hostess’s grandmother! She remembered I did one for her about 25 years ago.  I almost died!  So the moral of the story? Be kind to your customers and they never go away! LOL!
Besides family and Fantasia Home Parties–what else are you involved in?
My admiration goes out to the gals who do it all—work full time, raise a family and do Fantasia Home Parties too. I’m lucky enough to have a family that keeps me hopping, and that includes my great crew! They feel like part of my family too!
What personal goal is your Fantasia business helping you to achieve?
Well it varies as life changes. At one time it was mad money, then it pretty much put my daughter through 7 years of college! Nowadays it’s clearing out some debt so my hubby and I can enjoy his retirement.

What’s your favorite part of being a Fantasia Romance Consultant?
Wow, there’s a lot! Honestly,  I have met so many people over the years and I now call friends. And this includes both Fantasia Sales Reps and customers alike. It’s like being home–and there’s no place like home!
Rina Valan