Feature Friday: The Woman with Four Hands

As a child, I was fascinated by the plate spinner guy on the Ed Sullivan Show. One by one, he get them up and spinning in the air. He would repeat it with another, and another, until he had about dozen going at one time! 

Well, I thought that was great until I met the real life plate spinner herself, Michele White of Brick NJ. She literally moves, talks and operates as if she had four hands: one for mom, the second for excelling at her Fantasia Home Party business, the third for operating another business, and her fourth? That’s the  hand that is always outstretched and ready help someone else.

When people ask, how do you describe your business?

I tell them I sell romance. and they get a fun Girls Night Out. That always makes them curious and I love to share stories about the the fun I can provide and what I do.

What is the funniest story or situation you can think of involving your business/what you sell? 

Well, priding myself on being up on my product knowledge, I volunteered what I thought to be some helpful use tips for a new product. There were gasps and giggles all over the place. Little did I know I was using it completely backward. I look so good with egg on my face!
Besides Fantasia Home Parties–what else are you involved in? Do you have a day job? 

First and foremost, as a single mom, my 13 year old twins keep me busy with their needs, and so does my 19 year old. I also own and operate a home cleaning service. In addition, I really enjoy volunteer work with the Ocean County Mother of Multiples. We raise money for charity, and in 2002 was member of the year–raised over $9000 for 2 local charities! It was a great accomplishment for me!

What’s your favorite part of being a Fantasia Romance Consultant? 
I meet the most amazing women, at my home parties, on my team, and my peers. I’ve come to appreciate that we all have many challenges in our lives, and mutual support helps us keep strong and get through them.
 What advice can you give to other women just getting started in the business? 
The best part of our home party business is freedom. Whether you have another job or young children, you can still do it all, but you have to be organized and line up your to-do’s every single morning. You have to get business actions on that list—and then don’t stop til every single one is crossed off!

Rina Valan