Feature Friday: The Queen of Up

You can hear Melisa Webster of Danbury CT usually before you see her. Her infectious deep belly-bouncing laugh sounds like a fusion of Phyllis Diller meets Rosanna Dana and instantly takes over a room.
That coupled with an insurmountable positive attitude makes her a real people magnet. She started her Fantasia Home Party business back in 2001, and within months sold her way to monthly Top 10, won every contest, and built a great team. After a two year break to raise her newborn, the “Queen of Up” is back with a vengeance!

When people ask you “what do you do?” how do you describe your business?
I tell them that I am a Romance Consultant for Fantasia Home Parties, and then I explain that we sell lotions, games, novelties and toys. It usually strikes up quite a conversation!
What is the funniest story or situation you can think of involving your business/what you sell?
I was guest on a local radio station I-95 FM Rock with Ethan and Omelette’s, in CT. They had listeners call in during the show. I was explaining how our home parties worked, the games we play, our privacy how our products get shipped by UPS in a plain brown box. A moment later, a call came in and it was a UPS driver who was listening. He said “We know exactly what is in those packages ladies!” The entire studio lost it and laughed hysterically!
Besides family and Fantasia Home Parties–what else are you involved in?
I am a single mom with a 4 year old son, Erich, my pride and joy! I also teach Junior Achievement for a 3rd grade class at a local school, and mentor a young man named Anthony now for the past 10 years. I In the spring and summer, I play softball on a co-ed slow pitch team and I also play on a fast pitch softball team with my friends from high school.
What personal goal is your Fantasia business helping you to achieve?
Fantasia is helping me to save money for Erich’s education/future. Fantasia also helps me live a bit more comfortable instead of paycheck to paycheck to paycheck–nice!

What’s your favorite part of being a Fantasia Romance Consultant?
 Wow, there’s a lot! I really love helping other women be more adventurous in bed with their partner and educating women in sex and the toy department! Watching people have fun and laugh during the home parties is so personally fulfilling and I feel lucky to be getting paid for such an exciting job. I also take pride in being successful and winning sales contests!
Rina Valan