Feature Friday: Take This Charge and Job It

A day in the life of Kayda Warner, the operations manager of a sex toy home party company lasts about 32 hours. There was a rumor once she slept inbetween 
. I actually think Barbara invented caring.
When people ask you “what do you do?” how do you describe your business?
 I tell them that I manage the shipping and operations for a home party company specializing in products for women and their partners.
What is the funniest story or situation you can think of involving your business/what you sell?
Yikes, there is something everyday.  Like the look on UPS guys faces when they deliver a box that is vibrating. That is always priceless! Then there are the questions from the warehouse workers…”So what does Buzz Balm really do for men anyhow?” And the phone calls from those who seem all to enthusiastic to ask questions, and all you want to say “This is not a phone sex line unless you want to give me your credit card number!” LOL!
Besides family and Fantasia Home Parties–what else are you involved in?

I’m the VP of a local soccer league, which serves approximately 1000 kids between our recreational and travel program. That equals 2000 parents at a minimum, 4000 grandparents–that takes up lot of my free time, however I enjoy it and get to be with my step-son. I am also back in college working towards a business management and accounting degree. Oh, did I mention I’m also married and my hubby tries to keep up as best as he can, while trying not to look like a deer in the headlights of my on-coming car of insanity!

What personal goal is your Fantasia business helping you to achieve?
I started with Fantasia when I was 21 and that’s almost 10 years ago. I was living at my parent’s home, and single. I remember when I bought my first actual new car, and a few years ago my first home.. Outside of helping me win the lottery, there isn’t much more Fantasia could help me accomplish : )

What’s your favorite part of being involved with Fantasia Romance Consultants and/or the industry?

You meet and talk to people from all walks of life from all over the country and in some instances the world. Not only do I deal with our customers, and our Sales Representatives, I also deal directly with our vendors and sex toy manufacturers. This gives me the opportunity to talk with them regarding product likes and dislikes, ideas, concerns. I like to think that in my own way I’m helping to have a positive effect on the industry, and in turn help women and their partners have a more loving and fulfilling life.

Rina Valan