Feature Friday: One Drop at a Time

Helene Bernicoff is best described as an old soul, someone you meet for the first time and know you have a friend for life. For over 13 years and despite big challenges raising her two boys alone, she sold her way to the top, plus built and managed a team for almost as long. Her long arms of support never tire, and never give up!

When people ask you “what do you do?” how do you describe your business?
I tell them that I am a romance consultant and that the products I carry can help build a relationship, or change their whole outlook on a relationship.

What is the funniest story or situation you can think of involving your business/what you sell?

Wow, after thirteen years of selling at home parties, my Fantasia stories are funny. The best parties are the ones with ER nurses who describe in graphic detail who came in to the ER…really, a basketball trophy? The women just howl! These kind of stories go on and on.  

Besides family and Fantasia Home Parties–what else are you involved in? Do you have a day job?
Family definitely comes first. Being a single mom, raising two great sons hasn’t been easy. My younger son is autistic and I am involved in several programs for autism. I do have a day job but Fantasia has given me the flexibility to pick and choose my own time schedule. I’ve been with Fantasia now for thirteen years, the longest I have ever either held a position or a business.  I am also a licensed cosmetologist, have a degree in Medical Assisting. 

What personal goal is your Fantasia business helping you to achieve? 
Well, so far I have achieved graduating college (and it only took me 50 years to do it!) My long term goal is to create a legacy of being the best Manager Fantasia has ever had—I truly care how the women in my down line are doing, both personally and financially. Anything I can do to make their business a little more easier and profitable is what makes me tick! By the way, the best party I ever did was $2,200 and I earned my month’s rent in four hours!

What’s your favorite part of being a Fantasia Romance Consultant?

That’s easy! The camaraderie of the ladies I have the pleasure to work with. We all want to achieve something in life and not everyone wants the same thing.  I believe patience, persistence and perseverance will bring me through life. I try to pass that along. Progress sometimes comes in small drops…keep at it with the drops and pretty soon you have an ocean! 

Rina Valan