Feature Friday: Leader of the Pack

I met BobbyJo Wolf in person for the first time this summer on the NCL Sky. The occasion was a Fantasia Home Parties cruise, a contest she had won earlier in the year. Umbrella cocktail in hand and huge beaming smile, she hugged the breath out of me, and then proceeded to introduce me to a hoard of passengers she had just met. Her secret to success unraveled: she is a networking mad dog!

When people ask you “what do you do?” how do you describe your business?

 This always depends on where I am and the crowd of people I am with, for example I am never going to reply the same in Church as I am in a bar.  But for the most part I am in the business of enhancing romance.  I love educating people on the pleasure and passion that can be achieved using our products.  I want to make a difference in people lives and I talk about the education end of our business as much as the sexual novelty party.  The result is always the same, no matter who I am talking to or where I am at, I am enhancing and adding to a persons sexual relationship with themselves and/or with a partner.  That is the most important part of my job.   While I enjoy talking about the party end of my business more importantly is the team that I have the pleasure of managing, the Wolf Pack.  I work with an amazing group of women and that is rare.  My team has inspired me as they work so hard, scattered all over and we are still an amazing unit.  When I look at other adult novelty companies I know that Fantasia is doing a better job of educating and enhancing and that is so important to me personally. 

What is the funniest story or situation you can think of involving your business/what you sell?This one was easy.  I was traveling from WV back to my home state of PA around two in the morning.  I used large plastic rolling totes to move my demonstration items easily from house to car.  I hit a bump on the interstate and it must have jarred one of the bullets just right, and the stupid thing started buzzing and rattling insanely around the case.  It made such a racket it actually scared me-I jerked my SanteFe and swerved on the interstate.  This attracted the attention of a cop who promptly pulled me over….my heart was pounding  He looked at the back of my vehicle.  You would not believe how loud this stupid bullet it was.  I had to explain to the cop that I had an item in the back case that had accidentally ‘activated’ and that it had startled me.  He was flashing his light in the back and all you could see were cases.  I was torn between crying and laughing.  He looked confused and asked me what was all the racket and with no finesse what so ever I blurted out, “I sell sex toys!” Bless this man because he promptly laughed.  I started laughing and once we started talking it was much better.  I ended up opening my case and (thankfully) shutting off the bullet and removing the batteries.  He perused some of my items and told me he had to take a catalog back to the station. I happily handed one over and wished him good luck.  He did not give me a ticket which I was grateful for and of course.  I safely made my way home and have always removed batteries from my toys ever since!

Besides family and Fantasia Home Parties–what else are you involved in? Do you have a day job?
I am involved with horses, I love to go riding as much as possible and train with friends when they need a little help.  I also work in my flowers and gardens when the weather is nice.   Play darts, shoot pool, and dance with friends when I can.
I do have a day job, I work full time at a local bank as a teller.  I love working with people and have found that I truly enjoy being with the public all the time.  The best part is when someone comes in to cash a check and you will see them trying to place where they know me from and all of a sudden they get “The Look”.  It cracks me up every time.  But discretion is our business and I never say anything until they do, if they do.

What personal goal is your Fantasia business helping you to achieve?
I think this is different for everyone but mine is independence.  Fantasia Home Parties has added to my income and allowed me to have that extra cushion that allows me to relax. I love to travel and do new things.  Fantasia has given me that freedom to do so.

What’s your favorite part of being a Fantasia Romance Consultant?
NEW PRODUCTS!  No doubt about it…if I could be out there picking and choosing you girls would be in trouble.  I love seeing new products added to the line.  In every way there is new items always coming on to the market and having something as amazing as U-Phoria just coming into our market and knowing we are on the cutting edge of that market is huge!  Seeing customers pleased and making a difference in their lives is just as amazing.

Rina Valan