Faking The Big O

I caught the tail end of “When Harry Met Sally” late last night when I couldn’t get to sleep. Meg Ryan faking orgasm in a restaurant to befuddled Billy Crystal has got to be the movie’s signature scene. Here he’s thinking that he is the amazing lover, and she painfully makes him wonder.

Well, true confession here, I recall doing that in my twenties when I was first married…and it wasn’t because I wanted it to end, or that he was not attentive, passionate, skilled, etc. In my mind, it just seemed like it was taking ‘too’ long. Truth be told, having him concentrate to solely ‘get there’ make it even more difficult to do so. Five or ten minutes into it and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by not responding as quickly..stupid, right? I didn’t realize that I need 20minutes warm up time (which I read somewhere, is average for women). Ah….if I only knew then what I know now.

This makes me wonder if men have done a similar thing, perhaps cutting short the pleasure his partner is giving him because it was ‘taking too long’?
Have you ever faked it? If so, why?


P.S. Too bad they didn’t have then the topical lotions they have now to help engorge the woman’s clitoris (kinda like a liquid Viagra). My company sells something called Orgasmix, which has a little L’Argenine in it, basically expands the capillaries and allows more blood to flow through (find it at www.fantasiahomeparties.com). There are others on the market, and they basically do the same.

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