Facebook Wall No-No’s for Home Party Professionals

In the home party business? Engaging your prospects, customers, hostesses and down line is really important. But there are some things you should NOT post on Facebook walls:
-Don’t try to close a sale
-Don’t pick a party date
-Don’t nag about them for not responding, not bookingfacebook no-no's, not calling
-Don’t go into details about any business transaction(s)
-Don’t openly manage your team member(s)
-Don’t post too many ‘commercial’ messages about your business in a row, or post too many times in one day (this
is the fastest way for your friends to ‘hide’ you in their feed)
-Don’t hostess coach in detail (i.e. “How many guests do you have coming?”)
-Don’t clog up your own Wall with too many game/Facebook application updates/posts. (this doesn’t mean
you shouldn’t play, it just means that once a day go look at your pro le and clean it up by deleting unnecessary game/application posts.)

The Facebook Wall is there to build relationships, to get people interested in you and what you do. If someone starts asking for details about anything, including wanting to have a party or be a representative, respond with “Check your inbox. ” Then send them a private message.

Again, once you get an interest, the conversation should go to ‘Inbox’ and sent as private messages.

If you are building a team, your team members become more responsive as your postings project you as a trustworthy, knowledgeable and supportive person. Use their wall to build a relationship with them, mostly in the form of comments, boosts and posts that are of encouragement and genuine personal interest.

Rina Valan