Ever See a $50 Sandwich?

I was at a power lunch with Fantasia Home Party Reps. Out came the menu, and every sandwich was about $50. No typo.

I was in shock, but I looked around the crowded restaurant and every table had one or two sandwiches on it, each over a foot tall.

Obviously, this was group style eating, and you could get all the bread and pickles you wanted. One sandwich could feed 4 or 5 people, or a fourth world nation.

What brilliant marketing!

Sure, they could have charged the normal $10 bucks per sandwich, and a party with four or five, it would come to the same price. But it just isn’t the same, is it?

Most of us do the same in business, perhaps focus on the lower tickets items because we know people may be budget conscious.  But at Harold’s Deli, in Edison, NJ, they choose to up sell and sell only a big ticket items, but-they give people a great experience while doing so.

Imagine! In an economic crisis where restaurants are closing left and right, here is one with only one huge size sandwich, one huge price, and no empty chairs in sight.

The KEY? Give people a great experience. 
When you give them a great experience, price never becomes an  objection.

There might be a lesson here for all of us in business. Maybe it’s time to focus on some larger ticket items, ease up on the small price sales. Maybe it’s a question of grouping together, package deals, your own if you have to.  

But most importantly, give people an experience they’ll remember, an experience that will draw more attention and business to you.

Rina Valan

P.S. Here’s a picture of a their $20 piece of cake.
And yea, we ordered that too.