Ever Feel Like a Cheap Date?

A dear friend’s cousin asked to be my friend on Facebook recently. One nano second after I accept, he calls me on the phone to say: 

“Hi, I’m blank’s cousin and I know you’re in the business and I am going to be in your area tomorrow and want to stop by for a half hour to tell you about this amazing opportunity, make money, save money, yada yada yada.”

I actually felt assaulted, like a cheap date, slam bam, that’s all I care about M’am!

And, you can bet I unfriended him on Facebook faster than you can say, well…anything.

Moral of this story?
If you’re in business, especially the home party business, don’t treat prospects like a cheap date. Even with the BEST product and service in the world, it’s all about making a connection with them first.  

Prospects are people and people are receptive when some sort of trust, credibility and connection is established. Go and slam them over the head as soon as they let their guard down and you’ve blown it.

Had he said instead:

“Hey, I’ve always wanted an opportunity to say hello to you, Johnny has said so much about you, and you know, I’ve actually driven through your town once before..”

I would have connected. And then listened.

Connection. It is the vital first step of any relationship building.

Make that connection FIRST…because cheap dates are actually very, very expensive.

Rina Valan