Pronunciation: in-gāj

Function: verb

1. To hold the attention of
2. To involve
3. To come together and interlock

The key to attracting customers, keeping those customers, and then upgrading the very same customers to hostesses and/or a recruit is to ENGAGE them.

And, we’re taking not just one time contact, one transaction, one note, or one phone call, or one business card, or a couple calls or couple of emails..

No, no. To truly engage it must be an ongoing daily process that may not give immediate results, but it will produce longer lasting and farther reaching results.

If you have new recruits, a crew and/or a down line, it is absolutely critical that you practice ‘engagement’ every day. Any other way and it’s the ‘old way’ of direct sales, where only a telephone or in person meeting was an only resource. If you haven’t bought into ‘engagement’ because you’re not a ‘believer’ or ‘don’t have the time’ your pool of business will shrink.

It’s never too late. And it’s always the right time. Knock on the doors, frequently.

Rina Valan

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