Empty Tank Syndrome

Your car has no gas, what do you do?

That’s pretty simple isn’t it?

You’d never think of throwing away your car when you’re out of gas, right?

Well, so goes the same goes for your business. Walking away is not your only choice.   
You’re just out of GAS!

Dilemma: worrying, finding others to validate your fears, whining, or complaining sure feels like marketing, but it isn’t. Yet many invest in a home party business and do just that.
Without 5 or 6 future bookings, you run the risk of this EMPTY TANK SYNDROME.

Putting gas in your tank means: making a conscious daily investment in time to market your business

4 ways to put gas in your tank

1. Assemble your prospect list.
What’s a prospect list? That’s everyone you know: family, friends, people you work or used to work with, neighbors, customers, former customers, etc. It is also people you know online through your social media (like Facebook, Lindedin, etc)

2. Turn and reach out to previous customers that you’ve ignored, and turn them back into warm leads using Facebook.
–Look them up from previous home parties or from a direct sale. Do NOT friend them immediately at first. Message them with a brief hello and a question that connected you  and begs a response back (“How’s that Rash Free Shave Cream working for you?”)
–Once you get a response, continue to message one more time, and then friend request.
Once you have them into your social circle, you get to show up on their desktop every day…and you may continue to grow them as a customer, future hostess, or even a Rep. This is the secret of growing your business in today’s world.

3. Create an ‘event’ on Facebook around a special promotion/gift/ incentive for hosting a party.
Provide an end date. Make it fun and creative. Why? Because this event shows up on all your friends or your Fans desktop everyday! Engage anyone who comments or responds. You can even send updates. It’s a free commercial!

4. Book your own party, and especially invite those that said no to a booking.
Your goal is not  to sell, but to expose yourself and business, and get a couple of future bookings!

 5. Repeat all of the above. Every single day…until you fill up your tank!

Rina Valan