Email Tips Even a Geek Would Love

Email is a great form of communication, but often abused. It can work either very good for you, or it can tarnish your professional image and actually break down communication instead. A few simple tips can switch your emails from being terrible to effective, productive, and profitable.

When you communicate via email especially with customers and prospects, follow these 5 simple tips:

1. The Subject Line: always use it! Make it something to catch their attention. Do NOT use any punctuation (a trusted geek told me punctuation in the subject line can flag it as spam.)

2. Unlike the subject line, DO use punctuation in the body of your email! DON’T run one sentence after the other, and break for paragraphs.

3. Never type in all caps! That reads like you are shouting. This is my biggest pet peeve!

4. Ask a question towards the end so that it will create a need to respond, and speak/write again.

5. End with your “signature”, whether that be an automatic one you set up in your preference, or simply as “Best regards, Tom,” or “Make it a great day, Mary”

As a home party consultant, you want your professionalism to come through with everything you do and say. Your emails are a vital part of the whole package!