Doing Business in Your Jammies

Book parties rock!
Know why?
Anyone you know can hold a Book Party!
-It’s a perfect way for people whose schedule is just too hectic and/ may not be able to get up enough attendance for a live show.
-Book parties are perfect for friends or relatives that lives in another state.
-They could be from a Facebook buddy that you send a few catalogs to, and then you manage to turn their interest from just ordering to “Why don’t you pass the book around and show your friends, I can get you some free stuff from the buying credits. ”
Think about it: didn’t your prospect list and business potential just expand tremendously?
Book parties are also another way to combat bookings that cancel. The person who booked the party is obviously interested in your products, you can still save their sale and maybe a few others by turning it into a book party-it’s up to you to suggest it, so suggest it!
Tips for a successful book party:
   1. Set an official ‘closing’ date for the party. Don’t let it go too long, usually a couple weeks is enough time.
   2. Make sure you provide your book party hostess or host with enough catalogs and order forms or ordering information. Unlike a home party presentation where you come to the house with the catalogs, order forms and products, it’s your job to provide your host with everything they need to host a Book Party.  
   3. Encourage your hostess to pass catalogs to friends, neighbors, family, co-workers. “Hostess coach” them as you would a regular party! They could even send an “Evite,” or create an event on Facebook! Encourage her to put all the appropriate book party information and instruction in it. The date on the Evite or Facebook Event party could be the closing date for their book party.
Think again about all the potential book party prospects around you—and turn your ‘far away’ contacts and/or cancellations into dollars!
Rina Valan