Do You Like Fudge?

Time: 3PM
Where: In my office, in front of my computer
What: I’m having a fantasy…it’s about fudge

So, what brought this craving on you may ask? I was thinking about the county fair I went to over the summer. There was a booth selling homemade fudge, and they had someone out front pushing teeny samples under your nose and saying:
“Oh, but you have to try ours! It’s the best!”

Geez. That business practice should be illegal.

Ever try to walk past these people without tasting the sample? Oh, they know.
They know that most of us will love it, and they know most of us will buy once they have that edible, incredibly delectable morsel in their mouth.

Now, from a sales person’s point of view, I want you to think about this:
No one I know actually NEEDS to buy fudge,and
No one I know thinks they have EXTRA MONEY for fudge.
But, they just buy it, and just because they tried a little, little bit of it.

Brilliant, genius prospecting and lead generation and really cheap. Works for me!

We all are in some sort of “fudge” business. Why don’t you try giving them a teeny piece, more often, in more places, to more people! It can be as simple as a product sampler, a giveaway, a trial portion/service, etc. And besides…I bet yours is lower in calories too.

Rina Valan