Do You Know Where Your Party Dress Is?

A funny thing happened on the way to an out-of-town wedding a couple of months ago. An hour before the ceremony, I checked into a local hotel and proceeded to get dressed. That’s where the funny comes in…
I had left my dress at home and all I had were the jeans and t-shirt I drove down in.
If you’re a woman, you can only imagine the dilemma. 
I can’t even buy socks that fit! It only took me about 4 shopping trips to find the perfect outfit in the first place, and now it was sitting on my ironing board 3 hours away. All I wanted to do was scream!
So, instead I grabbed the car keys and asked the desk clerk where the nearest clothing store was. Luckily, there was a mall was 10 minutes away, so I tore out.
I headed straight into Macy’s, rummaged through 2 or 3 racks. It was looking grim. 
I selected 2 dresses to try on–the last one fit, but only if I held my breath in. 
Sigh. It would have to work, there was no time to worry about looking fat now!
The bottom line? I made it to the wedding, and in an attractive dress, and got to have a good time after a stiff martini.
But this all begs an important question: why did it take me weeks in the first place to find something, and yet I was able to find something only an hour right before I had to wear it?
Simple…I had a deadline, and it was non-negotiable.

Deadlines can be set by others and other things,  or they can be set by you for anything and any time
Deadlines can be your worst enemy, or your best boss-it is YOUR choice!
So, it’s now Oct 12. 
What kind of a business month are you having? You should be feeling a little overwhelmed by all your bookings and/or tapping into all your leads to fill in your holiday season.
And if you’re not? 
What is you told yourself you were going to book a party by 10PM tonight? That’s a great deadline you can make work for you. 
And what if you went further and told yourself that if you gave yourself that same deadline today, why not have the same deadline for tomorrow night, and then the next night? You could have 3 more parties booked for the season. Wouldn’t that be awesome?
Give yourself a non-negotiable deadline for today. The clock starts now!

Rina Valan