Do You Know There’s Money in Your Mailbox?

If someone told you a $100 bill could be found in your mailbox at any time, how often would you check?

Would you check more often if there was one in there every time you checked?

And finally, would you check even more often if you knew that was sort of a time stamp on them, and that it would disappear if you didn’t get to it soon enough?

Good News: Your mailbox has lots of $100 bills waiting in there. 
And oh, the mailbox we’re talking about is your email mailbox.
The $100 bills are disguised as: prospects, potential customers, leads from ads, comments from your social postings online, previous customers, previous hostesses, complaints (yes, complaints), newsletters, sales tips, and just about anything remotely associated with your business!

Bad News: If you’re only checking your email once a day, or every other day, you’re losing a lot of money, and I mean a LOT!
Your $100 bills don’t like laying around in your email mailbox, and if they don’t get the response in the same reciprocal and immediate fashion, they will make their way into someone else’s mailbox. 

Don’t believe me? How many times have you pulled into a gas station, and then pulled out to go to another because you didn’t want to wait a few extra minutes for a pump?

Not checking your email often is so yesterday. 
People make the assumption you’re not serious about your business. No one has time for anyone who is not serious about taking their business seriously, seriously!

Suggestion: if you like to use a different email address for business only, then forward your incoming email to your mail email account.


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